• Paving the way to the future of fashion

    Nova Creation works with Scandinavian companies to provide high-quality western wear for their markets.
  • Tailored for Detail

    Our stitching experts can produce precision matching details to suit your requirement.
Commitment to Quality
Every step is taken to ensure that fabrics meet the desired and specified international quality standards.
Timely Delivery
We pride ourselves with timely dispatch and deliveries every time to ensure your business does not slow down.
Save on Cost and Time
Being able to cope with orders of every scale, we can promise you the best savings in your association with us.
Adherence to Regulation
Every effort is made to ensure safety and welfare of our workforce. Moreover, we do not employ child labour.

Welcome to Nova Creation

NOVA CREATION is a family owned, apparel manufacturing and export firm, committed to total quality control and timely deliveries.

With our proven expertise in the garments industry, we are sure you will find an interesting and rewarding association to your business.

Why Choose Us?

  • We work the way you think

    Our experience in the industry has helped us stay in tune with the pulse of the international fashion scene.
  • We meet the highest demands

    Whether it is a simple requirement or a complex one, we are ready to offer you services that can match your expectations at all times.